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Quick Start
This page includes everything you need to make your first trade on Predy.

1. Predy is deployed on the Arbitrum L2 network, so go ahead and change your wallet to Arbitrum before we go any further. If you need help getting funds to Arbitrum and getting your wallet setup, we have a full guide here.
Predy is also deployed on the Arbitrum Rinkeby testnet. If you want to try the protocol without risking your own funds, you can find more information on getting setup here.
2. Click Connect Wallet and approve the connection in your wallet.

1. Select the product you would like to trade. If you are new to the protocol, it's recommended that you start with ETH or (ETH)².
2. On the right side of the page, the product selected will be shown. Enter the amount you want to buy/sell (use - for a short position).
3. Now click in the Collateral USDC entry box. You will see a chart showing Trade's PnL & pVault Value vs Spot Price; for now, it doesn't show any pVault value since we haven't added any collateral yet, so let's do that first.
4. Min Collateral shows the absolute minimum amount of USDC that you need to deposit for this position. Enter an amount of collateral higher than the Min Collateral and then click the
button. This will now update the chart and the liquidation price, adjust the amount of collateral or the size of the position until you are happy with the trade.
Warning: The collateral you deposit should be significantly higher than the minimum collateral or your pVault can be at risk of immediate liquidation.
5. To open the trade, click Approve USDC, confirm the approval transaction in your wallet, and then click Trade Now and confirm the trade transaction.

1. To close a position, first select the Positions page and then select the position you want to close.
2. Select the Close Position checkbox and then click the Close Now button. Confirm the transaction in your wallet to close the position.
Closing a position doesn't withdraw your collateral from your pVault, keep reading below to learn how to do that.

1. To withdraw collateral, from either the Trade or Position pages, enter a negative amount in the Collateral USDC field and then click Withdraw Now.
2. Confirm the transaction in your wallet and the collateral will be withdrawn.
Warning: Removing collateral while you still have positions open increases your risk of liquidation.
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