Predy v2 Doc
pVaults are at the heart of the Predy finance system, they are ERC721 NFT's that represent ownership of a set of collateral and positions. When you first trade on Predy, the system will mint the pVault into your wallet, which will then be used to track your perpetual contract positions and USDC collateral.
Whether you trade using Lite or Pro mode, all trades will use the same pVault. Using Lite and Pro modes together is not recommended.
The value of a pVault (the amount of USDC that can be withdrawn after all positions are closed) can be calculated using the formula below.
ValuepVault=CollateralUSDC+PositionsPnLValue_{pVault} \, = \, Collateral_{USDC} \, + \, \sum \, Positions \, PnL
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